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Boardroom & Conference

For many companies, the office boardroom has a variety of uses, from important meetings with just a few people present, to conferences and presentations needing to accommodate lots of people. We offer a range of used boardroom and conference furniture to allow you to cater for all eventualities and be flexible about your room setup.

If you need to reorganise the layout of your boardroom furniture frequently, you might like to consider having stackable tables and chairs, which can easily be moved if you need more floor space, or arranged to seat more people if you have a large group in attendance. When you’re thinking about boardroom or conference seating, consider what you want from your chairs: should they be large and impressive, made from luxurious leather, or do you need to make the most of your budget and invest in a larger number of lighter chairs?

Similarly, your choice of boardroom table or conference tables will probably depend on how your room is most often used. A large, solid wooden table will be a striking addition and will look great in your office space, but is it the most practical decision for you? Take a look at the range of styles available on our website and in our Peterborough showroom. As we supply pre-owned boardroom furniture, our stock is constantly changing, meaning we always have a good variety on offer to choose from.

Buying your office boardroom seating second-hand means that it’s possible to get exactly what you want without spending a fortune: pre-owned conference and boardroom furniture supplied by LOF is of an excellent standard, so you can save money and promote your company’s green credentials by using recycled furniture.