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Pre-used Office Screens

Office screens are items which are quite common in many offices, but get very little wear and tear, so they’re ideal items to purchase second-hand. If you’re just starting out and need screens in your office for privacy or to reduce noise levels, or if you’re in need of a new look in your office, take a look at our varied range of pre-owned office screens.

Often used in offices where employees work close together and spend lots of time on the phone, desk screens are popular due to the way they give each employee an element of privacy in their own workstation, and stop telephone conversations becoming distracting. Desk screens are fitted to the backs and sides of desks, providing small walls around the edges. They are often made of a fabric which can be used as a pinboard, or may include a whiteboard or magnetic element. It’s also possible to get desk-mounted screens which have a tool rail aspect, so you can attach filing trays or similar to make the best use of your desk space.

If you have an open-plan office but want to be flexible about the layout, consider using floor standing office screens as room dividers. These screens are easy to rearrange, but can be used to create more private working areas, as well as having the same noise-reducing qualities as desk-mounted screens. Both desk screens and free standing screens come in a variety of colours and textures, so you can incorporate them into the overall look of your office colour scheme.

Choosing second-hand office screens is a great way to save money on your office refit, and you won’t be compromising on quality – we don’t sell anything that isn’t in a good condition. Take a look at our constantly-changing selection online or in our showroom to find what will work for your office